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Friday, April 02, 2010

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Donovan and Mason - March portraits with the Grandparents!
I've been photographing Donovan for most of his two and a half years, and he's always so great with the camera. Now along comes his little brother Mason, and as you can see, Mason has the charm also. I was lucky to be invited to photograph the boys when Grandma and Granpa were in town this month and love doing grandparents photos!

The whole slideshow here....


Friday, March 26, 2010

The Owl Box - Molly and McGee - Barn Owls just having a family!
One of the cutest things I have received this week via email is a link to this great website of Molly and McGee. Two barn owls in California - just following nature's path... but innocently enough, they have attracted millions of visitors and school children all learning and facsinated by the biology and nature lessons of barn owls!

Molly & McGee's website

molly and mcgee

Molly & McGee background info:

This is a live feed of a wild mother barn owl located in our backyard in San Marcos, CA and 15 feet off the ground. Molly laid her first egg on February 13th. 3 owlets have been hatched so far, Max, Pattison, and Austin. Incubation is 30 to 34 days. The male has a white chest and face. He usually shows up after dark but has spent an entire day with the female. We have named the female Molly and the male McGee. The Barn Owl is widespread but usually a scarce species. They are strictly nocturnal and rarely observed in flight during daylight hours.

The owl house is located on a 15 foot pole and there is a tree just outside the opening. The box has been up for two years and it took two years before the owls showed up.

Female: 13 to 16 inches tall. Wingspan 43 inches
Male: 12 to 15 inches tall. Wingspan 42 inches

and in addition to the 20,000 visitors online watching live, and the 3 million hits on the Ustream website so far, there will be a photobook to be published of Molly, McGee and their ofspring which is for sale now at just $4.99....

details online....

But what I love most of this phenomenom is that we're all learning more about owls and nature than we EVER would before Molly and McGee!


Found some missing Alaska photos! Yippee!
Kirk had an extra compact flash hiding somewhere? In his camera bag? But we JUST found all these great images from our trip to Alaska last summer and the bears at Lake Clark National Park.

alaska wildlife photos
alaska grizzly bears
homestead lodge alaska
lake clark national park

And this day was really special - from our SECOND trip to Alaska in June 2009. We had some extra time (while the kids were at camp at Keystone Science School, and this afternoon we hung out with this mother and 3 cubs. At one point, they all took a nap in the grass, and we did also! Luckily as part of the Homestead Lodge plan, our guide Scott was looking out for us while we napped!

Scott said that we got more viewing opportunities than other guests because we had time and were willing to hang out (nap) in the field. This first photo is of our guide Scott and his wife, Sage, and you can see the first two photos have us viewers, photographers, with the bears in the background.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cover Photo Contest for Parade of Homes Magazine!
We just received this notice from the Summit County Builder's Association about a photo contest for the cover of this year's Parade of Homes Magazine in Summit County.

Last year's cover photo by Dave Peterman of Lone Tree/Denver.

View the full 2009 program here....

I'm working on my entry today! And am so happy to have clients that have me photograph beautiful homes like these for past Parade of Homes:

2010 Summit County Parade of Homes, Photo Contest $200 Prize

It's time to select the cover art for the 2010 Summit County Parade of Homes glossy program. We're looking for the perfect scenic shot depicting Summit County's natural beauty....

Open to amateurs and professionals. For details and entry forms, contact Caroline Graf at or call Jane at the Summit County Builders Association at 970-668-6013. Photos must be a vertical format and available in a hi-res format.

Deadline March 30, 2010

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Liz and Collin's Engagement Photos at Sapphire Point

Liz and Collin are getting married here in September and we went out to Sapphire Point last week to take some couple photos of them. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon so we had a little trouble with squinting (all three of us!)... but I love the way these turned out!

View the whole slideshow....

What a happy fun couple! Now I can't wait for the wedding!

If you look in the top right hand corner of this last photo (below)- I caught a bird in flight - at first I thought it was dirt on my lens or something that shouldn't be there, but now I can't remove it. A sign of spring or a love bird?

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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Tubbs Romp to Stomp 2010 held last Saturday!
The 8th annual Tubbs Romp to Stomp was held in Frisco last Saturday and was another amazing success! 2,200 snowshoers romping to Stomp out Breast Cancer for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. We raised over $100,000 for the cause & had lots of fun in the sun and snow as you can see from the photos! It could NOT have been a more beautiful Colorado day!

The event slideshow is here....

And all 500 images can be viewed online in this Pictage album. Charlotte Geary, another Colorado photographer photographed with me and her photos can be viewed online at THANK YOU Charlotte!

I feel honored to have photographed four of these events in past years - they are such a wonderful gathering of amazing people all helping to Stomp out breast cancer.

If you're still interested in donating, it's NOT too late! I would recommend donating to my friend, Kristen Harris. Kristen's Tubbs donation page, and her 9News story. Some local Summit County teams that would love some donations are:

Summit School District
Snap Fitness
B Casapulla - 2nd place in donations at $4,500 and romping in memory of Nancy Ring!
The Dam Brewery

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Children's Portraits - Katie (aka Katarina) turns 3!
Katie has been coming for portraits since she was 6 months old! And she is always such a display of fun, beauty, personality, and an array of emotions. This shoot was similar! She starts out very shy - hardly can look at me, and at some point, she breaks out and talks a blue streak and entertains to beat the band!

She is the subject of a special section on my newest website, the Watch Me Grow section.

Slideshow here....

childrens portraits
3 year old portraits

breckenridge baby photographer
childrens portraits

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